Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Manifest What You Believe

Do you know that what you believe is what you manifest?

“I believe that I’m not going to get the results.” Guess what, you’re not going to get the results.

“I believe I look good.” You got that result.

What you believe you manifest. The Yankees have an absolutely unbelievable baseball team. All the players on that team are absolutely extraordinary. It’s like they cannot lose a game. They’ve got hitters, pitchers, they got short stop, second base, etc. They’ve got people to replace people. They’ve got an unbelievable baseball team.

Guess what? They go on a losing streak at the beginning of the 2007 season. Lose, lose, lose, lose, lose. Losing all the time. They were in last place. How do you have a team that’s got the best players in baseball and be in last place? This is about what you believe.

I create my future. Who creates yours? Can you play there?

You’ve got to create, create, create. You’ve got to be willing to start creating. You’ve got to create. Speak creation. You’ve got to get it’s all bullshit. That bullshit becomes reality.

The $-Road to Riches-$®* was nothing. There was no course, the $-Road to Riches-$. The $-Road to Riches-$ was all just a stand for what I say. And then it became a course. Is it going the way I want it to go? No. But it’s going. Out of nothing.

I operate in a context. I say who I am is how I operate. Not who I am is “I’m a good person.” Who I am is how I operate.

*The $-Road to Riches-$® is a proprietary financial freedom course created by Richard Giannamore and offered live and via teleconference nationwide. Call 1-800-922-3210 x112 for more information.

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