Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Play 100% - No Arrogance or Entitlement

From: October 7, 2006
The Yankees piss me off sometimes. You look and you go, here’s a team that should win every game that they play. Who they have in the batting order and everything else – they should win every game.

Then they get to the 2006 playoffs and they lose. It pissed me off. Every time they get in the playoffs, they’re nonchalant. It’s like they should win because they are who they are.

And I get pissed off at Joe Torre more than anybody. Because he sits in his seat and doesn’t get off his duff and have any conversations with anybody. And they go down the tubes.

You see [Detroit Tigers Manager Jim] Leyland, he’s like a cat in a cage, right? And man, everybody’s up. Right or wrong?

What makes the difference? Being smart? Or being in the game playing full out? Playing to win. Not like you deserve to win. Like you’re going to. The Yankees are in trouble. Big trouble. And the reason why is their attitude. Is that clear? Like when they win the game by one run AFTER they put themselves in the position of being behind.

You never put yourself in that position. Are you clear? You never put yourself behind. Being in your own business, or being a successful employee, you have some competition, but it’s not like you’re in the playoffs. It’s not like it’s the last game of the season. You play 160 some games, you win 90 something games, like unbelievable, and you’re going to get knocked out? Jerks! Can you get it or not? That’s being arrogant.

Why am I saying this? It’s all made up. It’s not like what you believe it to be. It is what you say it is. Is that clear? You could win. Stop giving up. Stop quitting. You are not entitled to anything. Stop operating the way you’re operating. You’re operating in a particular way. Get that? A lot of times you want to quit. We all want to quit!! But the game is, play the game 100% with no arrogance or entitlement.

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