Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Never Give Up

September, 2007. The Yankees are playing the Red Sox. The score is 2 to 7.
It’s been 2 to 7 almost the whole game. We’re in the top of the eighth inning. I’m totally disgusted.

The Red Sox are winning and I’m going, I can’t believe this. They’re going to win. Then they’re going to pull five games ahead.

So the Yankees get up. Home run. The next batter gets up. Home run. Two home runs in a row. Boom, boom. But that’s still only four runs. 4 to 7.

Boom, they get on first. Boom, man on second. Nobody’s out. Somebody gets up and hits a home run. The score went from 2 to 7, to 4 to 7, to 7-7. I’m going, my word! All of a sudden it was 7-7.

Then all of a sudden Jeter’s up there and he’s at bat. Now, they give the signal. Every goddamn pitch the catcher for the Red Sox runs out on the field, talks to the pitcher, then they come back in. And then he throws the ball. Next pitch, back out there. You know how long it was taking for a pitch? Like five minutes. They were having a conversation. The umpire would come up, they would walk away. I say, “I hope this kid hits one out of the park to get these nasty bastards.”

They were trying to tick him off. And you can see Jeter puts a smile on his face. I think the count finally ended up 3 to 2, then sinks like a ball. Pow! Home run. It was phenomenal.

I went, “Freaking A, Jeter, way to go!”

Anyway, so now it’s 8 to 7, then the Red Sox get up and what do you think happens? They got a couple men on, but they didn’t score. They got up in the ninth, but nothing else. It was Fenway Park, Yankees win. The Yankees didn’t give up.

Never give up, that’s what I got. When it looks like you’re not going to win the game. When it looks like it’s hopeless. When it looks like the odds are against you. When it looks like you could never, never win. Don’t give up. Stay in action.

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