Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're all donating to the system

We’re all donating to the system. I don’t think I’m contributing to Derek Jeter’s pay. Or Rodriguez, who makes $29 million a year playing for the Yankees. Except, every product that they pay to advertise, that product price already includes the advertising.

You know that major league baseball keeps increasing the price for teams to broadcast their game each year. Baseball players are now making $30 million a year. It’s absolutely unbelievable.
You are paying that, even though you don’t watch baseball.

I’m paying for football that I don’t like. And every product that I buy I’m paying.

Isn’t that bullshit that we’ve got to pay for that? What’s the bullshit game you want to create? Think how much you’re paying for something. Do you understand the problem we’re dealing with or not?

Either you’re playing somebody else’s game, and you’re paying to play that game, or you’re creating your own game and setting your own rules.

If you create the game, you have the power and freedom inside the game. If you play creating the game, you have an exciting life. You play life with freedom and power.

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